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MOBILE 24/7:††††††††††† 00 44 7876 506338†† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† E-MAIL:†††††††††

1. Any prices stated in communications are quotations only and are subject to change, unless otherwise specifically stated by Silver Transport Limited.


2. All quotes are based on the information provided with regards a booking, including collection and delivery addresses, distance and routes to said locations and the type and mobility of the item to be transported.

i. These quotes are based on distance, most suitable routes for the transport vehicle and speed limits applied to the transport vehicle. Silver Transport Limitedís drivers will select the route based on their knowledge of the transport vehicle and will not deviate to routes thought to be quicker if they are unsuitable for the transport vehicle.

ii. These quotes are also based an assumed ease of access to locations for collection and delivery. Silver Transport Limited will do their best to get relevant access information to a location, but any time delays to a job caused by inadequate access, access problems or incorrect access information given by the customer will not be covered by Silver Transport Limited and will be passed on in the final invoice.


3. All invoices are due for payment within 7 days of the invoice date unless otherwise specifically stated by Silver Transport Limited.


4. Pro forma invoices can be created on request, however prices stated within any pro forma invoice will be subject to change based on final timings and costs to complete a job unless otherwise specifically stated by Silver Transport Limited.


5. In order to confirm a booking Silver Transport Limited must have received details of the item (s) for transport:.

i. A collection address and contact and/or a delivery address and contact.

ii. Details of the item for transportation including, where requested, accurate dimensions of the item.

iii. Details of the condition of the item for transportation including, where requested, if the item can be moved under its own power, or if the item requires manual loading.††††††††††††

iv. Details of all additional items to be transported including, where requested, additional pieces related to the item, non related items, paperwork etc.

v. Details of access to collection and delivery locations, specifically highlighting height, width, weight and articulation restrictions.


6. The details for confirmed booking forms the transport schedule for the job, and should the job deviate from this schedule Silver Transport Limited will not be liable to cover any additional costs incurred.

i. Any additional time required to complete the job will be passed on within the final invoice cost unless agreed by prior arrangement with Silver Transport Limited.

ii. Any additional time required for a job due to a change in the transport schedule, missing or lack of information will be passed on within the final invoice cost unless agreed by prior arrangement with Silver Transport Limited. This includes any accommodation costs incurred due to reaching daily driving hours.

iii. Any additional time required to complete a job that has a direct impact upon the next job, where jobs are booked back to back within the same day or week period, may be passed on where additional time required causes a significant delay, inconvenience or increase in cost to the second job.


7. Once a booking has been confirmed any cancellation or rescheduling may be liable to an administration or cancellation fee at the discretion of Silver Transport Limited management.


8. Some costs may require upfront payment, where significant costs are incurred by Silver Transport Limited ahead of a job taking place. This may include booking additional transport required to complete a job. Any such costs will be outlined at time of quotation.


9. Any costs incurred by Silver Transport Limited will be passed on to be paid within 7 days of invoice, unless otherwise specifically stated.

i. All costs incurred will be passed on at cost price unless a substantial amount of Silver Transport Limited time is attached to the costs.

ii. This includes costs for hotels and transport booked where a refund from the third party cannot be offered.


10. All vehicles and related items must be ready and prepared for transport before the agreed arrival time for collection, unless otherwise specifically stated.

i. Silver Transport Limited takes all reasonable cautions to ensure that items are secured within the trailer however Silver Transport Limited will not be liable for damage sustained to any item during transport that is a result of said item not being properly prepared for transport prior to its collection.


11. Silver Transport Limited will not be liable to cover costs for collecting any item left behind or not within an agreed transport schedule prior to collection.


12. Silver Transport Limited is fully insured for transportation of any legal item, and can refuse to transport items that are considered illegal, dangerous or unsuitable for transport. The decision of Silver Transport Limited drivers is final and any costs incurred in a job resulting in refused transport will be liable for payment by the customer.


13. Silver Transport Limited is bound by legal driving hour limitations, and where necessary, will include rest times within a quote or completed job.

i. Silver Transport Limited will attempt to keep rest times out of quotes and jobs, where transport times for a job fall within legal time restrictions.

ii. Where rests must be taken due to delays within the job, these costs may be passed on in the final invoice.

iii. Where a job falls within daily time restrictions, but lasts longer than the time restrictions allowed before a rest must be taken, rest time will be included within quotes and final invoices.

iv. Where a job will take more than one day, rest time and associated costs of accommodation will be passed on to the customer in the final invoice.

v. Where a job will take an entire day, but does not exceed driving time limits, waiting time may be included with the quote and final invoice.†††††††††

vi. Where appropriate and available Silver Transport Limited will include a second driver, in order to meet daily hours restrictions. The costs of a second driver may be included in quotes and final invoices.

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We have included this page in our updated 2012 website, in order to protect both you the client and us the contractor.


The terms and conditions outline the typical mode of practice carried out by Silver Transport Limited employees, as well as our payment terms.


These terms and conditions apply to any work undertaken by or on behalf of Silver Transport Limited.